Hospital Laundry Equipment, Jersey General Hospital

TNG provided designs for a Hospital Laundry upgrade that comprised the phased installation of new laundry equipment, at Jersey General Hospital.


Hospital Laundry

TNG formed part of the Team that completed this Hospital Laundry upgrade over an eight week period.

The project comprised mechanical, electrical and building works for the phased removal and installation of new laundry equipment. It also included the final connections to the equipment.

The Laundry facility deals with all of Jersey General Hospital’s laundry needs. This includes bedding, towels, gowns and surgical scrubs; items that are vital to health and well-being in a hospital environment.

The main batch washer and 3 no. dryers were replaced. In addition, new barrier washers and a clean and dirty separation wall were added. Furthermore, a shower room and changing pass-through lobby were created.



States of Jersey Health and Social Services Department

August 2015

TNG provided:
Full Duties Detailed Design & Above Ground Public Health Design



Hospital Laundry

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