Easy to use, good value, energy efficient engineering systems are paramount in all Residential properties; from owner-occupier large individual homes, to managed student apartments.

As technologies advance, it is extremely important that they work together effectively. This ensures that they will truly deliver the promised performances.


Involve TNG from the Start

TNG’s early involvement, and completely impartial advice, ensures that the correct philosophies are adopted. These need to suit the available infrastructure, the planning requirements and the intended occupants.

We will ensure that all other operational and physical requirements have been accommodated. Failure to consult with an independent professional can lead to the commitment to unsuitable, or bolt-on, systems that fight with the effective operation of others. There can also be ongoing maintenance requirements that may not have been considered, or made clear from the outset.


Why Choose TNG

TNG will help to evaluate the supplier ‘hype’ and provide the right solution for the Residential property and its owner and occupants.

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