Realising Full Potential

Our work in the Education sector is vitally important to the success of future generations. Education facilities support the maximisation of potential:

>  the potential to teach,
>  the potential to learn,
>  the potential to innovate,
>  the potential to flourish.


Cafefully Considered Conditions

The fundamental ingredients to a successful learning environment are basic; fresh clean air, comfortable temperature and ample light. Not too dissimilar to those required by plants to flourish. Without them all in the right amounts, growth is impossible.

As Building Services Design Engineers, it is our job to ensure all of the above are available in a carefully considered, cost effective and energy efficient form; so that we are able to deliver the very best environments in which to support learning and growth.


Why Choose TNG

TNG has many years of experience working on Construction projects within all levels of the Education sector. We are able to help our Clients guarantee their departments are up and running and fully functional at the start of every term.

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