TNG tour North Wales – team building at 100mph!

Twelve employees from TNG travelled 5 hours to North Wales to take part in the most daring team building event to date. A zip wire that is the longest in Europe and the fastest in the world!

Zip World’s Velocity has a pair of parallel zip lines suspended high above a quarry.  The mile long zip lines provide a birds-eye view of the historic slate quarry and the spectacular North Wales coastline. Soaring 500ft above ground, this is the closest thing to flying!

Only the bravest

On the 17th June, the skies were clear and the sun was shining bright, so no excuses of poor weather conditions could be prepared by the apprehensive participants. The team took it in turns to pair up; bravest stepping up first. The 12 courageous, but understandably nervous, flyers leaped over the edge successfully, all completing the fastest zip wire in the world with huge grins.

While initially it felt like queuing for a white-knuckle ride, fear was quickly replaced with exhilaration. Everyone agreed that the experience was amazing and all asked “can I have another go?”


This trip was not all play though. This year, TNG took advantage of the location and added in an educational activity.

Unknown to us when we planned the trip, the mountain range also hides an Engineering marvel. Llanberis in the Snowdonia National Park, is home to Electric Mountain, otherwise known as Dinorwig Hydro-Electric Power Station.

Deep in Elidir Mountain is one of Europe’s largest man made caverns. It is home to a pumped storage generator which converts the power of water into electricity. Electric Mountain provides educational tours of the power station to the general public.


As a group, we descended into the underground tunnels and caverns on a tour bus while we were provided with an interesting account of the workings behind the hydro system. The station has six powerful generating units, which we were able to see up-close. Adjacent to these lies a main inlet valve chamber housing the plant that regulates the flow of water through the turbines. We were lucky enough to see one of the huge valves release the stored water into the system of high-pressure shafts, linked to the turbines.

Dinorwig’s reversible pump/turbines are capable of reaching maximum generation in less than 16 seconds and it was amazing to see this in action.

Team Building

This tour was the icing on the cake for our exciting team building trip to Wales. Having participated in many team building activities in the past, we thoroughly recommend a visit to both of these attractions.

After such a busy day, the mini-buses were silent on the way back home. We were exhausted and most of us snoozed all the way back!

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