Why Choose TNG?

TNG is a quality-focused engineering services consultancy with a hard-earned reputation for excellence, that is too valuable to risk losing.



Our business ethos has always been to build long-term relationships with our Clients so that we can provide a sustainable business. We know that we cannot do that by providing anything short of an excellent service. We take the time to get to know our Clients, and their business, environments and teams, so that we can respond appropriately and instinctively.

It is our goal to always ‘help’ and never ‘hinder’. We strive to alleviate the demands placed on others,  so they are able to ‘get on’ with their day-jobs and be their most effective.

Our wealth of experience enables our Clients to take a ‘light touch’ approach to their construction projects; safe in the knowledge that TNG will watch over the delivery of their schemes.



Our focus is set on providing an excellent product that is delivered on time and meets the brief. To do this, communication and team working are key. We recognise that we are only one link in a long chain of project participants.

TNG protects the strength of its link by supporting the others above and below us in the chain. We shall make sure we are visible on site to check on progress, answer queries and help make decisions. In addition, we will keep everyone updated on our progress and offer support and assistance whenever it is needed.



We have put together a Team of experts that each bring individual expertise and abilities to the table, thus providing a well-rounded approach to Building Services Engineering. Our Team provides practical solutions that incorporate state-of-the-art technology and innovation, after taking into full consideration the needs of all Stakeholders.

The application of our professional services will engage, stimulate and educate all.



As a Business, we are passionate about working within the community, and in particular our own local community. The opportunity to be part of its growth and development is ultimately rewarding. Especially in the case of facilities that will be used by ourselves and our families and friends.

We draw enormous satisfaction from seeing new developments come alive with occupants. If we have done our job properly, they won’t even notice the services that we have designed for their spaces. Well designed services just sit comfortably in harmony with living, learning and life.