Who We Are

TNG Consulting Engineers
The Next Generation

Our Business has been based in Southampton since 1999 and our Board of Directors are all founder members of the original Company. Our recent re-brand, to the name TNG, signifies not only the dawning of a new generation of this Company, through their liberated leadership, but the next generation of providing engineering consultancy to building owners and public organisations.

This new chapter, continues to build upon the founding principles of our original Business; we set out in 1999 to do what we loved, really well. Our goal was to build solid relationships with the people that entrust us with their work, and all the people that we work with, and this has never changed. The driving force behind this new venture is to make people happy; our Clients, finance departments, maintenance teams, the occupants of the facilities, design teams, contractors, our Employees and ourselves, plus everyone else in between.


Our Vision

It has been identified through our strategic planning, that in order to sustain a successful, long term future for TNG and all its stakeholders, the Company needs to set informed strategic objectives, communicate them and effectively manage its resources.

Our business philosophy therefore, is to develop long-term relationships with Clients and our professional partners, by the provision of a reliable and superior quality service that is delivered in a friendly and supportive way by competent people. There is also a desire to be a sustainable business, so that we are able to pass on the Company legacy and our heritage to our Employees in the future.


Our Mission
“TNG is committed to being a sustainable Business; effectively managing its resources to consistently deliver an excellent product, whilst providing a rewarding and enjoyable experience for all”.

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