Training Academy

TNG recognises that it is our people’s knowledge, experience, skills and behaviours that make us invaluable to our Clients. Their contribution therefore, ensures the Company is a success and enables us to achieve not only our goals, but also the goals of our Clients and all other Stakeholders.

We launched our Training Academy in 2002 when we employed our first Junior Engineer. Not only do we believe we have a duty to encourage talent into Building Services Design Engineering, we also want to develop our own Engineers based on the traditional principles and design values that the Engineering Directors learned when they were Juniors.

TNG is committed to making learning an integral part of our business strategy and this applies to all roles, at every level of the Organisation. Training enables the Company to keep progressing and moving forward. It also ensures we maintain legal and ethical compliance and understand the repercussions of not doing so.

Most importantly, learning activities help us keep ourselves, and everyone else happy, healthy and safe.



Apprentices and Juniors

The Academy creates Junior Engineer positions every two years. This provides exciting opportunities for the new recruits and promotes movement within the organisation, allowing progression for all. Most recently we have utilised the Governments Apprenticeship scheme for the recruitment and development of the budding Engineers.

Each new Academy member gains ‘hands on’ experience in the office and works towards professional qualifications through a structured training programme at College and University to HND/Degree level. This is also supported by a partnership with a Mentor, who will oversee their development and provide additional learning through the sharing of their own technical expertise and industry experience.

The Training Academy is also used to develop Junior CAD/BIM Technicians in a similar manner.

We employed our first Junior Engineer in 2002. Tom is still with the Company and is now a very competent Senior Electrical Design Engineer. He is also responsible for coordinating the current Juniors development.

Being involved with the successful progression of all the Junior and Intermediate Engineers and Technicians, is very rewarding. It helps to support our future expansion. We plan to continue helping other Juniors start on their road to becoming qualified Engineers and Technicians; and anticipate some will be running the business in years to come.