Customer Satisfaction

Strategic Company objectives have been identified within our Business Plan and to meet these targets, and for our business to be a success, we need to satisfy the needs of our Customers.

Satisfied Customers

To have a ‘sustainable’ business, we must ensure we provide our Customers, Clients, professional Partners and Suppliers with the very best service we can, so that their experience of working with TNG is one that is successful and enjoyable and leads to repeat business and recommendations.

Critical Success Factor

We have identified that the ‘Critical Success Factors’ that enable us to satisfying the needs of our Customers and all other Stakeholders, is a high performing Team that provides:

> Excellent customer service
> Timely delivery
> High quality of service and information
> Team working

These factors are the focus of our Customer Satisfaction measurement and reporting.

Our Customer Satisfaction Policy

If for any reason, our Customers have a complaint about the service we have provided, they are at liberty to notify us following the Compaints procedure.

TNG Complaints Procedure…