Our Policies

TNG believes it to be good practice to communicate its intentions and expectations in formal written Company Policies. This ensures that that everyone can understand what the Company is setting as minimum standards of performance and behaviours and the specific actions required to be taken in order to meet these objectives.

Our Policies set out ways we intend to comply with our legal requirements and describe what we would consider best practice.  We recognise that these Policies help to create a culture where it is known that any issues can be dealt with fairly and consistently, and without prejudice.

Health & Safety

 Safety, Our Policies

TNG is committed to protect the health, safety and wellbeing of all people that may work in, or alongside our business. We are equally as committed to provide safe working practices and a safe working environment.


 Equality, Our Policies

TNG shall operate its business free from discrimination, harassment or victimisation and shall provide fair and equal employment, treatment and opportunity to all people.

Corporate Responsibility

 CSR, Our Policies

TNG is a responsible business. We properly consider and take corporate and social responsibility for our business activities at every level. We shall operate our Business following prescribed standards, principles and ideals.


 Bribery, Our Policies

It is TNG’s policy to conduct its business with integrity and build relationships without the use of corrupt practices or acts of bribery to obtain an unfair advantage.


 Quality, Our Policies

It is an objective of the Company to provide our professional services, and manage our resources and activities, to ensure that a high quality product is always offered.


 Satisfaction, Our Policies

Strategic Company objectives have been identified within our Business Plan and to meet these targets, and for our Business to be a success, we need to satisfy the needs of our Customers.


 Environment, Our Policies

TNG recognises its obligation to the environment and strives to operate a efficient business and deliver sustainable and professional engineering consultancy to all Stakeholders.


 Ethics, Our Policies

TNG communicates its expectations to the people and Organisations that it does business with, and shall only choose to work with those that demonstrate sound business ethics.