Meet The Team

We have always invited the right people to join our Company; people that share our vision and passion for quality and exemplary customer service, and that also have positive attitudes and supportive and caring natures.

Of course, as well as being nice people to work with, we have carefully selected our team based on their experience, qualifications and approach to working. Some we have developed ourselves through our Training Academy from school and college leavers.

All of our Employees are the very best at what they do, and will add maximum value to your project.

Russell Pitman

Managing Director

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Ralph Boden


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Amanda Day


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Lisa Pitman


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Mark Andrews

Director of Projects

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Alex Jackson

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Chris Collinson

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Craig Oliver

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Charles Tapper

Mechanical Engineer

Jordan Horrocks

Mechanical Engineer

Mostafa Pourabbas

Mechanical Engineer

Vincent Shanley-Pratt

Mechanical Engineer

Amir Farad

Intermediate Mechanical Engineer

Vishal Raichura

Mechanical Engineering Technician

Thomas Croucher

Technical Director

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Declan Heavey

Senior Electrical Engineer

Colin Goodwin

Senior Electrical Engineer

Benjamin Webster

Senior Electrical Engineer

Phil Smith

Senior Electrical Engineer

Robert Motson

Electrical Engineer

Matthew Crowe

Intermediate Electrical Engineer

Jack Jackson Suanez

Electrical Engineering Junior

Andrew Jackson

Project Delivery Leader

Gordon McLaughlin

Operations Coordinator

Jane Primmer

Senior Finance Assistant

David Spark

CAD Manager

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Lee Windebank

Senior CAD Technician/BIM Manager

Benjamin OShea

Senior CAD Technician

Kayleigh Chamberlain

Senior CAD Technician

Bailey Sandom

CAD Technician

Lucy Humphries

CAD Technician

Sonya Spark

Quality Manager/Admin Team Leader

Courtney Medd

Senior HR Assistant

Abigail Tribbeck

Junior HR Assistant

Jemma Bailey


Meg Gibson

Business Development Assistant