It is often said by many businesses, but it is true; people really are the vital to the success of our Business. Our Business is built on relationships based on trust, integrity, understanding and respect. These are all characteristics that are hard to earn and easy to lose. We therefore, place utmost importance on our interactions and relationships in and outside the office.

TNG strives to create a workplace culture based on mutual trust and respect; where every person has a sense of ownership for the performance and reputation of our Company. We also recognise and embrace that people are different and are committed to being an Equal Opportunities Business and Employer. Decisions on recruitment, employment, reward and promotion, are made on the basis of skills, knowledge and experience and other objective criteria.

We provide a safe and healthy work place and do what we can to protect the health and wellbeing of our Employees and all others. In addition, we provide flexible working conditions and benefits in order to encourage a healthy work and home life balance.

Our experiences have taught us that it is essential to communicate well. Engaging with Employees through information and consultation procedures, and encouraging and providing opportunities for Employees to realise their full potential, helps maintain our motivation and increase our sense of job satisfaction.