Our Experiences

Our experience of Environmental Management is that it has helped to improve our behaviours and Business; and this is evident at every level of the Company.


Our Experiences

“The EMS has now become part of TNG. I have noticed how the Teams question the environmental impact of our activities on a day to day basis.”
Amanda Day, Company Secretary


“I find that I am now able to rely on the EMS Team to help remove any unnecessary energy consumption and purchasing of consumables. And in turn, remove any unnecessary expenditure – I’m happy!”
Ralph Boden, Finance Director


“Environmental and Health and Safety risk management has become one activity. TNG now has a Team of interested helpers who provide alternative points of view and extra pairs of eyes. This ensures we provide a safe work environment for all.”
Robert Hayward, Technical Director


“We are starting to understand Environmental Management more and have already started to adjust the system to fit with our business needs. Over the following years, I aim to continue with the ‘tailoring’ to increase its value.”
Lisa Pitman, EMS Manager and  Director responsible for Health and Safety, EMS and HR Director


“The EMS has had a huge impact on us winning work. We get through most Pre-Qualifying Questionnaires now. When we began our EMS journey, we were failing to satisfy the environmental requirements, thus not being selected to proceed on bids. It’s not just about the certificate; it’s about being able to discuss our activities with knowledge and passion that has enabled us to progress.”
Russell Pitman, Managing Director