Our Community

We want to be in vibrant, thriving locations that are exciting to live and work in. Therefore, we endeavour to provoke public interest by engaging in opportunities to encourage Community growth and development.

It is a priority for us to invest our time and money in ways that may benefit society in general.

We love to get involved in community events, when we can. Often they are supporting public facilities that may be used by our friends and families in the future; therefore, there is a personal motivation to do what we can to help. We are happy to support charitable organisations and their events, or, represent our profession and take part in college and university tutorials and careers fairs, open days, careers fairs and environmental events.

In order to raise awareness and help people make the best informed decisions, we also engage with our community by holding workshops, seminars and events so we can share our engineering knowledge, our other business experiences, or even to just start a debate about a particular ‘hot topic’.