TNG Tackles Football Shirt Friday!!


All this week we have been in training for Football Shirt Friday! We have had so much fun with this event.



We started the week with the ‘Moore than a Sweepstake’ football shirt sweepstake. At £2 per entry, fifty percent of the proceeds go to the Bobby Moore Fund, and fifty percent is awarded as a prize for the winner.



Tuesday saw the Mechanical engineers challenge the Electrical engineers with our TNG Keepy-Uppy challenge. We have a few footballers on the Electrical team so let’s just say it was a slightly one-sided challenge. Matt Crowe, Intermediate Electrical Engineer, who plays for Dynamo Dockside, who are in the Southampton Saturday Premier League, recorded 203 Keepy-Uppies and probably could have kept going all afternoon!



On Wednesday, we had our Bake it Like Beckham bake sale…. all money raised will be going to the charity.



Today is officially Football Shirt Friday. We’ve taken some pics of people wearing their football shirts. We have Courtney Medd (Senior HR Assistant) and Meg Gibson (PA to Russ Pitman) in the office today supporting this important event. We even have Russ Pitman, wearing his retro Gazza England shirt whilst on his holidays. Lastly, we have Ozzy wearing his Man City shirt. Ozzy’s mum, Jemma (Admin Assistant), shared this photo after celebrating this event with her family.

This afternoon we will be drawing the winner of the Football Shirt Friday sweepstake!



Even though this has been a fun event, it is important to remember why we have taken part. The Bobby Moore Fund raises money for Bowel Cancer research on behalf of Cancer Research UK. It is their intention to tackle bowel cancer, so people can live longer, better lives free from the fear of bowel cancer.

Bowel cancer is the second most common cause of cancer death in the UK. There are around 16,800 bowel cancer deaths in the UK every year. That’s 46 every day – more than four football teams. 54% of these cases are preventable, so the charity’s aim is to raise awareness that healthy lifestyle factors, such as giving up smoking and eating less red and processed meat can make a big difference.

Find out more here…. Bobby Moore Fund


Matt Crowe confident that Tom Croucher will not beat his score!

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TNG Tackles Football Shirt Friday!!

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