Why Choose a Career at TNG..?

Long-term Future

It has been identified through Strategic planning that, in order to attain a successful, long-term future for TNG and its Stakeholders, the Company needs to set informed objectives, communicate them and effectively manage its resources.

Our business philosophy is to develop long term relationships with Clients and professional partners. We concentrate on building strong  relationships through timely delivery, exceptional quality, innovative design and effective team working. Our goal is always to provide the best possible Customer experience. There is also a desire to be a sustainable business, so that we are able to pass on the Company legacy to our Employees in the future.

We are inherently problem solvers, therefore, finding people with the same motivation is key to our continued success.


Development Opportunities

TNG focuses on creating new opportunities and developing people that will seize them and take ownership when they arise. All Employees are encouraged to develop and enhance their skills and knowledge. Each member of staff has access to a personalised  development plan and a robust training framework that provides them with the skills and knowledge they need to be the most effective they can be.

Since our inception in 1999, we have recognised that the best way to recruit good design engineers is to grow them ourselves. We have employed Junior Engineers via our Junior Engineer Training Academy since then, and supported them through their college and university. More information…

TNG also has an Aspiring Managers Programme that provides opportunities for those that show an aptitude and desire to progress into a management position. As part of our strategic planning, we regularly review the structure of the business and highlight any gaps or areas for development or opportunity. More information…


Flexible and Hybrid Working

We encourage all our employees to work flexibly, protect a healthy work/life balance, and nurture positive physical and mental wellbeing.  To help with this, we operate a hybrid working system. This includes flexible working and flexible hours that can be adjusted to suit individual needs. More information…


Team Work

Just as important, we want to enjoy what we do and want our Employees to enjoy for working us. ]We strive to maintain a size of business that allows us to interact with each other on a daily basis. Plus we like to laugh and have fun together. We participate in charity events and grow beards, ‘wear it pink’ and bake cakes, in order to support worthy causes.

We also like to participate in Team Building events. In past events we have climbed Snowdon, paddled the river Wye and slept in Tepees. We have also white water rafted, cycled in a velodrome and most recently learned how to snowboard.


Come and join us.