Why Choose a Career at TNG..?

Long-term Future

TNG strives to be a sustainable business.

It has been identified through Strategic planning, that in order to attain a successful, long-term future for TNG and its Stakeholders, the Company needs to set informed objectives, communicate them and effectively manage its resources.

Our business philosophy is to develop long term relationships with Clients and professional partners, by providing a reliable and superior quality service. There is also a desire to be a sustainable business, so that we are able to pass on the Company legacy to our Employees in the future.

Traditional Values

Our business model is based on a set of values that we refer to when making all corporate decision.  We concentrate on building strong Client relationships through timely delivery, exceptional quality, innovation and effective team working, thus providing the best possible Customer experience.

We are inherently perfectionists, brought up with traditional values. Therefore, finding people with the same work ethic is key to our continued success.


TNG focuses on creating new opportunities and developing people that will seize them and take ownership when they arise. In addition, we want to enjoy what we do; and, want our Employees to enjoy for working us. To achieve this, we strive to maintain a size of business that allows us to interact with each other on a daily basis. The Board of Directors work ‘in’ the business as well as ‘on’ the business.

Everyone within the Organisation, has the opportunity to participate in the Company’s Strategy and can get involved with running the business at an operational level.

Developing People

All Employees are encouraged to develop and enhance their skills and knowledge. Our Training Academy ensures we have continued access to the very best talent. TNG’s robust training framework provides everyone with the skills and knowledge they need to be the most effective they can be.

We care about the happiness and wellbeing of our Employees and encourage a healthy work/home life balance. Flexible working options are available so that Employees can co-ordinate their family commitments with their working hours. An enhanced Holiday Leave option enables Employees to increase their entitlement if they so wish.

Team Work

Most importantly, we like to laugh and have fun together. We participate in charity events, grow beards, ‘wear it pink’ and bake cakes, in order to support worthy causes. Plus we like to participate in Team Building events.

In the past we have climbed Snowdon, paddled the river Wye, slept in Tepees, white water rafted and most recently took the ‘leap of faith’ on a high ropes course.

… that’s why!


Come and join us.